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Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm PST
and in the senate. to somehow say we want to ease sequestration so we can line the pockets of defense contractors and by the way we're going to do it on the backs of senior citizens in this country, is just an anathema, to me and most people in this country, generally, and certainly the democrats in the house and senate. >> and meanwhile, congresswoman, neo conservative commentator bill crystal, here on msnbc touting a seemingly secret plan, a paul ryan plan that would replace the affordable care act. can you give us any intel on what that secret plan is? >> i think it's so secret that it hasn't been developed yet. i think the republicans have -- since we passed the affordable care act back in 2010, they have talked about just repeal. repeal, repeal. then they said repeal and replace. but then they had nothing to replace it with. so it is really a bottomless pit of ideas that never seem to come to the surface in the republican caucus. and i think it's because they really don't want to have a solution for those who have been uninsured. the 45 million americans who are uninsured. that is not who th
Dec 2, 2013 1:00pm PST
happen. we got the defensive -- so-called defense of marriage act to try to stop it from happening. and now look, it's happening. some states don't want it to, but it's happening. >> it's happening. and aisha, world aids day was sunday and very important we look at this day every year and take stock of where we are. one of the things that is also good news, you have seen a decline in the bigotry you saw when we first heard about acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the ' 0s. that is good news, right? >> that is good news. but also a lot of people left behind. i wrote a report about this last year, talking about the structural barriers that still perpetuate high rates of disease within communities of color, lgbt community, as well. so as we think about world aids day, we need to think about what we should be doing domestically here at home to make sure these folks who are living at the intersection of marginalized populations are getting the health care services they need. >> and, you know, jonathan, obviously, of course, on the down side, you have a lot of states refusing the med
Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm PST
remember bob gates, my former secretary of defense, wonderful public servant, had served under seven presidents. when i first came in, i asked him, so, bob, you got any advice for me? he says, mr. president, just understand, you've got a lot of people working for you. somebody somewhere at this very moment is screwing something up. and that's true. and so i -- so i have to consistently push on every cabinet secretary, on every single he agency, how can we do things better. and we can do things better. part of what we need to do is reorganize the government, which was designed primarily in 1935 or '45. we could consolidate agencies, we have got to do a much better job as everybody has learned, buying information technologies. you know, how we make ourselves more customer-friendly. those are all things that we can improve. but the up shot is, the government still does a lot of good. and the last point i'll make on this is, you know, we've had a politics, frankly, you know -- the entire republican party brand over -- since ronald reagan, has been government is the problem. and if you,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3